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Wyoming Marriage Records

The Wyoming marriage records have been updated and maintained by the Vital Statistics Services office since May 1941 up to the present day. When a particular record is over 50 years already the state would move it to the Wyoming State Archives. The County Clerk’s offices are also responsible in the documentation of these records so that the residents will no longer take a trip to the State’s central records database. People can also go to churches, newspaper businesses, courthouses or the local government units where the reports are probably kept safe.

To be eligible in ordering the said reports your name must be on the record or you must be either an immediate family member or a legal representative. If you are not related to the people on the record then you should ask for a legal consent from the court. Otherwise, your request will never be granted because it is not following what the law describes in its scope and limitation. The cost that you are going to pay when ordering would be $13.00 per copy. Sometimes the rate varies according to how much amount of information is being requested for. The very basic requirement would be to prepare your documents as a requesting party to qualify for the search and be ready with more than enough information you have regarding the names on the record.


Wyoming Marriage Records

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Interestingly, an outstanding way of pulling up the records has come with the aid of computers and the Internet today. This implies that such marital reports can now be easily obtained through your laptop at home or wherever you may be since the data are downloadable using the Internet. They key would be a reliable online records site which is designed to make the search very convenient with only a few clicks to make. This is an efficient and practical method that one can benefit from more especially in court proceedings where the need is probably urgent.

Wyoming Department of Health office shows the following services:

  • File marriage certificate
  • Issue marriage certificate
  • File delayed certificates
  • Correct and amend marital reports
  • File adoption records

Legal references when gathering the marriage records in Wyoming: