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Wyoming Divorce Records

Obtaining a copy of a divorce document is important as it contains relevant information pertaining to the parties named in the divorce. In the State of Wyoming, the County clerk office as well as the Vital Statistics Services Unit of the State’s Department of Health maintains vital records. Records maintained in the Office include those marriages that happened from May 1941 onwards. Older records are available directly from the county clerk office.

For those who wish to get their divorce records, they can visit the two government agencies mentioned. Do take note that the State requires that the requester must present a valid and legal supporting document or a notarized signature to be able to request divorce certificates from the government agencies. Each record costs about $13 and is payable via money order or check.


Wyoming Divorce Records

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As the fee is non-refundable, it is important that one should take care of all the information that they provide when making a request. If you are not sure, you might opt to check out instead one of the search sites/online providers that offer vital records services. This is the most convenient and affordable way one can get their required results.

How To Obtain Wyoming Divorce Records
For those who wish to get their divorce certificates in the State of Wyoming, follow the steps provided below:

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