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Wyoming Criminal Records

Unlike most US States where criminal records of an individual may be dropped, adult offense records are included in the database of the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation unless expungement is made. Arrest records may also be removed if the offender is a juvenile and has reached the age of majority without any conviction following the offense. A requester may get hold of their own criminal records in the State; however, only authorized entities can obtain another person’s record. Each record search costs $15 and is payable by money order or certified check.

For those who would like to see their records, they must obtain a fingerprint card and have their fingerprints taken and approved before they can send their request together with the payment for the Office to process the request. Each request would take about 5-6 weeks before being sent back to the requester.


Wyoming Criminal Records


With that said, another way for one to get hold of the record or report is to check an online web portal that offers public search record. These third party commercial providers can search for the records half of the time that would take the Bureau and thus would be beneficial for those who would need the reports urgently.

How To Request For Wyoming Background Checks/Criminal Records
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