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Wisconsin Public Records

The Wisconsin public records are strictly organized by forming the different units and divisions that will be responsible for the proper documentation of the various legal reports. The Wisconsin Department of Public Records, Office of Attorney General takes the lead in managing these legal papers to serve the general public better. The divisions include the legal services, criminal service, management services and the vital records. These divisions keep records on criminal cases, arrest files, marriage and divorce reports and other administrative reports. There is a bunch more records that only the State’s Department of Public Instruction can provide.

The Open Records Law describes that such legal documents should be unveiled to the residents whenever requested. However, the records application will only be entertained the requesting party is a legal resident of the State and has good grounds in the act of acquiring such files. The State has also made an effort in creating an online database called the Wisconsin public records registry where citizens can pull up on the net and perform the search from there.

There are for sure many ways to obtain the records through the government set-up agencies. The only concern though is the processing time because the steps are slow since things have to be done manually. Well, this has come to an end with the advancement of modern technology. This modern tool has transformed the way people gather the details of public information. The retrieval of these public documents has evolved from various government agencies to the respective homes of each citizen in Wisconsin. It is now a possibility since the records are carried through from an online source which is accessed via the Internet.

Wiconsin Public Records

Wisconsin Department of Public Information office brings together all the various facts about the state:

  • Budget Information
  • Academic Achievement
  • Public Safety
  • Legal Records
  • Nutrition Program Statistics

Some offices that can be a source of public records include: