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Wisconsin Divorce Records

The Vital Records Office of the State of Wisconsin maintains a database starting from 1907 up to the present. Prior to the said year, records are available from the county clerk office where the divorce was granted. As divorce is a confidential matter, the State requires the requester to present a valid government ID to prove their relationship with the parties named in the divorce documents. Records may be obtained from the Vital Records Office for $20.

Those who wish to get hold of divorce certificates in the State must pass the eligibility requirement set by the government including being one of the following individuals: spouse, parents, kids, grandparents and those who plan to marry the divorced person. All documents presented should be valid, as submitting expired documents would cancel the request.


Wisconsin Divorce Records

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How To Obtain Wisconsin Divorce Records
To get divorce copies in the State of Wisconsin, it is best to follow the steps below to make the search request easier.

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