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Wisconsin Criminal Records

The State of Wisconsin makes access to criminal records easier by providing two ways by which a requester can obtain criminal reports or documents. The Wisconsin Department of Justice Crime Information Bureau provides an online web portal for internet users and mail request for those who wish to receive hard copies of the report. An internet search costs $13 and is paid by credit card. A mail request costs $18 and is payable via money order or certified check.

For those who wish to get records via mail, download a form, fill up the application form, attach the appropriate fee and mail the request to the Department of Justice CIB Office. On the other hand, those who wish to do it through the internet can log in to the online database, pay the appropriate fee and input the 16-Digit result number that would open the access to the record that they wish to see.


Wisconsin Criminal Records


Requesters who want a faster and more convenient way of accessing the records could opt to check out other commercial search providers that also offer background check or criminal report access. This is the fastest and by far the easiest way that one can obtain records without having to wait for a longer processing time.
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