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West Virginia Marriage Records

The Vital Registration Office in West Virginia has been the primary repository for the West Virginia marriage records since 1964 up to present. Prior to that time period, records are only retrievable at the different county levels where the clerks are tasked to compile and release the files to those with legal intentions. A marital index can be acquired as well for some specific uses but are only available in the years 1924 to 1963. As a rule, marriage records in Washington can only be ordered by anyone after 50 years. Only the names on the record, immediate family members and legal representative can request the said files within 50 years.

The State has also created an official webpage where the records application form can be downloaded. So, before you visit the designated records office you should first complete the form and forward it to the Vital Registration office with an amount of $12.00 for each copy being applied for. It is vital that you ask for the guidelines on how to proceed in retrieving the files and familiarize yourself with all the qualifications. If you don’t comply with the requirements then for sure you won’t get anything at all. So, the advice would be to adhere to the existing policies of the government.


West Virginia Marriage Records

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The application form for a marriage certificate requires filling in the following details:

  • Groom’s Name
  • Bride’s Name
  • Place and Date of the marriage
  • When the form is completed, submit to the Vital Registration Office

Recognized county records repositories include: