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West Virginia Criminal Records

The Washington State Police – Criminal Identification Bureau maintains a central database for crimes that came about in the State as well as provides services such as background checks or public records request. Anyone in the State can request for copies of criminal reports and they can use these for various legitimate purposes. Each criminal report request costs $20 and other fees may be required for those who wish to get hold of videos or photos of the request.

Although one can request for information of another person in the State, only those authorized by the law or law enforcement agencies can access complete criminal reports in the state. To request for the documents, download the form available from the State Police website, fill up the application form, attach payment and send the completed packet to the State Police Criminal Investigation Report Unit.


West Virginia Criminal Records


As fees are non-refundable, another great way to access those records without having to pay first for the record is to use search providers online that offer records search. One can access the sample document before ordering the report, which makes it ideal than mailing requests and waiting for documents to arrive.

How To Request For West Virginia Background Checks/Criminal Records

To make an inquiry or do background check, follow the information provided below:

  • Visit the Washington State Police website
  • Download the Background Check Request Form.
  • Input all the data required including the quantity of the requested copy of the report.
  • Enclose $20 for payment via money order or certified check.
  • Mail the completed form.

Where to Access Other West Virginia Criminal Records