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Washington Public Records

In Washington, anyone can actually perform or order the Washington public records even if the requesting party is not a legal resident or citizens within the State. The Revised Code of the said State allows individuals to execute the search at anytime. More so, the government does not obligate the people to state their resources or purposes for placing an order. However, not all documents that are kept by the State shall be revealed to the people for some of the reports are treated to be confidential and classified for some technical reasons.

These highly confidential records include the library records, appraisals of real estate, identification numbers and personal information, data used in an on-going investigation, about the endangered wildlife and more. So, if you are to start the search you should ask first the staff as to whether or not the records that you want to obtain can be approved. For general inquiries on public documents, the residents are urged to visit or contact directly the office of Washington State Legislature. This office makes sure that the rules or the law on public records are implemented across the entire State. There are many more resources to go to when looking for public information like the Washington State Archives and the various county offices which cater on records services.

Over the years, the State has initiated the use of the computers and developing of websites to enhance the way the records are archived. Today, the people can already take advantage of such improvement where they can now perform the check through a computer search. This development is even reinforced by independent records services of which the citizens can execute the search on their own, even within the comfort of one’s home. It’s a paid alternative but definitely useful and worth it for whatever purposes it may serve.

Washington Public Records


The Washington State Legislature features the following information:

  • Laws and Agency Rules
  • Legislative Agencies
  • Legislative Information Center
  • Civic Education
  • Washington Courts

Other useful legal references in Washington include: