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Washington Marriage Records

Generally, the Washington Department of Health has been tasked to compile all the marital reports of the residents within the State. Records have been recorded since 1968 up to present. There were earlier records on marriage but have to be unveiled from the records resources from the respective counties under Washington. The law on the retrieval of these legal documents protects the people in any legal aspects relating to the archival of the reports, accommodation of records requests and more. In Washington, marriage files are not only accessible manually but can now order from the government’s computer records database.

In Washington, you no longer have to visit a particular office to secure a copy of the request form but go to their official website instead and print out the form. All the necessary pieces of information must be filled out in order to reap the complete results. When the form is filled out, submit it to the State’s Vital Records office with the payment of $20.00 for each copy through check or money order. Take note that it is very crucial that you have all the documents of yourself as proof that you are a legal citizens of the State and that your reasons for doing request are valid and legitimate.


Washington Marriage Records

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Nowadays, the marriage records of the people in Washington are now kept online where you only need an Internet access to be able to order the said reports. In other words, it doesn’t matter where you are situated so long there is Internet connection you can without a doubt apply and acquire such documents in no time with the results that you can leverage for whatever purposes. It comes with a fee but really something that you won’t regret later on.

The Washington Department of Health highlights the services that the office offers:

  • How to obtain a copy of a marriage certificate
  • How to correct an existing marriage certificate if there are details that have to be amended
  • Vital Statistics Data

As mentioned, marriage records are also accessible at the county level: