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Washington Divorce Records

Do you wish to get your own copy of divorce certificate in the State of Washington or want another person’s divorce records? The State of Washington maintains a database where one can request divorce decrees. For those who are searching for divorces that happened from 1968 up to the present, they can contact the Department of Health. Older records on the other hand are available from the County Clerk Office. Search fee depends on the type of the request that the person makes.

There are four ways that one can make a request for divorce decrees including mail, online, phone and in-person request. Each request costs differently so it is important to make sure that the application form is complete and accurate to the best knowledge of the requester.


Washington Divorce Records

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Should one have any problem such as not knowing the exact date of the event, one has the option to make a 10-year search record from the Department of Health’s Office for $20. Additionally, one may also engage the services of third party search providers that also offer different types of record search.

How To Washington Obtain Divorce Records
There are four (4) ways to request for divorce documents in the State:
To make a mail request:

To make phone request:

  • Contact the Department of Health Website
  • Make your request to the customer representative.
  • Give your credit card information.
  • Additional service charges might be included as well as shipping fee.

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