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Washington Criminal Records

Criminal records in the State of Washington are made available depending on the purpose of which the requester will use the said reports. The Washington State Police would release criminal reports under the Criminal Records Privacy Act as well as under the Child and Adult Abuse Information. Payment for the criminal report starts at $17 with additional fees for fingerprint cards or notarized letters.

There are two ways to access criminal records from the State Police. One is through online and another is through manual or mail request. Mail requests would involve the requester filling up an online application form, printing it out and sending the request together with the associated fee.


Washington Criminal Records


Another way to do so is to make an online request through the Police’s WATCH system. One can make a request online and check the results readily after paying the fee. As there are times when the system is down, another option that a requester can try instead is to check out the third party search providers online that offer criminal records or background checks.

How To Request For Washington Background Checks/Criminal Records
To make a criminal report request, follow the instructions provided.

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