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Virginia Divorce Records

Unlike most US states, indexes of divorce decrees maintained by the Virginia Bureau of Vital Records are available starting 1918 up to the present. All divorce records are kept confidential for up to fifty (50) years after, the records are made public. Each record cost $12 and payment method available includes money order or certified check.

For requestors who need complete details of the records, they must first be authorized or eligible before they are able to obtain a copy of the records from the Vital Records Office. The Office will only release the information to those who are actual parties to the divorce and authorized representatives. Proper identification is needed for those who would like to request for the records.


Virginia Divorce Records

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For third party requestors or those who are not eligible or authorized to see the documents but need the records, they can avail of the services offered by commercial online search providers to look for the documents or records they need. This is the fastest and easiest way to obtain the document without waiting for the processing time, which can occur from one week to a month’s time.

How To Obtain Virginia Divorce Records
Most US states have their Vital Records Office where one can obtain vital records such as birth, death, marriage and divorce records/indexes. In the State of Virginia, divorce records are kept confidential for up to fifty (50) years.

Older records are made available to the public. To get hold of the record, follow the steps outline below:

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