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Virginia Criminal Records

It is necessary for a person requesting for criminal records from the State of Virgina to have their request notarized before the Virginia State Police can accommodate this. This applies whether one is requesting for their own or someone else’s records. Cost for the criminal records is $15 and can be paid via money order or certified check.

To obtain records from the State of Virginia, one would usually have to download a request form from the Virginia State Police and have this notarized before sending the complete packet to the office for processing of the request. Expect to receive the requested copy 2 to 3 weeks after submission of the form.


Virginia Criminal Records


For those that would want to receive their copy earlier, they can opt to avail of commercial search party providers to do the search for them. They can do the request faster than the government and some sites do offer free searches for basic information. For detailed reports, affordable packages are also available.

How To Request For Background Checks/Criminal Records
For those who want to avail or get hold of their criminal records, please see below for the steps to needed to make the transaction faster.

To access arrest records or records of registered offenders, follow the steps below:

Where to Access Other Criminal Records
Requestors can also access other criminal records from the following government agencies: