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Vermont Public Records

The Vermont Secretary of State is the most reliable and credible office where people can go to for searches on different types of public records. The person in-charge of the office makes sure that the law on public information will be implemented and that the residents will be able to exercise their right to unfold the public files. These public documents include the files on Agriculture and Environment, Government, Residents, Employment, Health and Human Services, Safety and Security, travel and many more agencies under the responsibility of the government.

Today, the government of Vermont has created its own online portal where even the ordinary citizens can do the searches. The website is designed to be user-friendly; the layout is made for easy navigation while doing the search. You only have to type in the name of the person on the record, specify the type of records being searched and state the particular place or county where the records are documented. These reports are technically for free, the requesting party only have to pay for the service fee. The various counties have their own records system on how to acquire copies of such public files, that’s why it is a must that you ask first the records personnel before making any further steps.

Vermont Public Records


The traditional process of acquiring the said public documents is tedious and quite frustrating at times because of the long waiting time. Fortunately, the digital age of pulling out these files has come with the computers with the Internet. This age of information is absolutely one-of-a-kind because searches are cut-short very significantly unlike the vintage way of doing it. Today, you can perform the check on your own so long as you have Internet access at home. Just pay for the online records retrieval fee and get the information in a few minutes.

The Vermont Secretary of State has the following information:

  • Policy reasons behind the Right-To-Know
  • Further explains the public records
  • The basic rights of the people on public records
  • The procedure in acquiring a copy of a public record
  • Penalties for violation the public records law

Other legal offices where public records are accessed from: