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Vermont Divorce Records

The State of Vermont is a wonderful place to live in and the government agency services are excellent. For those who are looking for divorce documents in the State, they can easily check the records from the Bureau of Vital Records and the State Archives and Records Administration. These records cost $10 when one requests the record from the Vital Records Office whereas fees vary when one requests from the State Archives.

For those who wish to get hold of older divorce documents or those that happened more than five years ago, these records are available from the State Archives. For divorces that occurred recently in the past five years, these records are available from the Vital Records office. One can also visit the county clerk where the divorce was filed and granted.

Vermont Divorce Records

In case one wants a cheaper and quicker way to get hold of the said documents or urgently needs them, they may pay a visit at one of the search sites in the internet that offer vital record searches. These search providers can get the records faster and can be convenient for the requester as some do offer payment options such as paying via credit card or debit card which most government agencies do not offer.

How To Obtain Vermont Divorce Records
To make a request for divorce documents or copies of divorce decrees, follow the instructions given below.

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