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Vermont Criminal Records

For those who are interested in getting hold of criminal reports in the State of Vermont, they can easily get it from the Criminal Information Center Office. The State is considered as an open record state and as such, a third party individual can obtain criminal records that are considered public. Criminal records that are tagged as non-public are restricted from access and only those who are authorized can access these reports. A fee of $30 is required for the request to push through and is payable via certified check or by money order.

To request for the records, a requester should download the background check form available from the Vermont State Police site. Fill in the form and attach payment and a self-addressed stamped envelope for the reply. Some requests might be denied depending on the completeness of the request.


Vermont Criminal Records


Another option available is through online. The website offers an online request system wherein one can do a self-search of the database. One should know the case number, parties and the incident date as well as have a valid email address where the reports will be sent. Another option is to use third party search sites that offer a public record search services. They can conveniently find the records that the requester wishes to get hold of.

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