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Utah Public Records

The Utah Division of Archives and Records Service office controls all the different Utah public records in accordance to the Freedom of Information Act which was implemented to apply to everyone. While the records are made available to public some are not revealed due to some legal reasons. The records that can’t be accessed include the autopsy photos, medical reports, rejected job applicants, trade and business secret, social security numbers and more. Therefore, it is vital that you inquire from the mentioned office as to whether or not the records that you want to request would be obtainable.

The State has also organized a Research Center where they appointed staffs to take care of applications being placed by companies, organizations and the ordinary people. Today, the government has already used modern technology as an efficient tool in making the searches much faster and simpler. Moreover, all the various counties within Utah has been authorized to put the public records together, store in a safe place and cater on the records requests by the people. By doing so, local residents would no longer have to travel all the way to the state’s main office. Procedures and rates differ based on the rules and guidelines set by each of the respective states.

Utah Public Records


The turn-around time normally takes 2 to 4 weeks depending on how much amount of information is being searched for. But, the solution has come nowadays with the help of modern computers and the Internet. It’s definitely a practical alternative because a requesting party no longer have to visit a particular records office and do all the requirements being asked. With this modern development, the Utah public records are accessible in just a few minutes. It is a medium where such information can be possessed effortlessly and be utilized for vast purposes.

The Utah State Archives is a portal for vital information:

  • Features historical records of the State and their online collections
  • Provides records management assistance
  • Explains records laws
  • Shows regional and local records databases

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