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Utah Marriage Records

The State of Utah Vital Records office is responsible for the keeping of vital records. But, they are only allowed to verify or confirm that indeed a certain wedding happened or not. For the certified copies of it the Clerk of Court should be the one that you should contact at the county where the license was issued and records placed. They have compiled the Utah marriage records since 1978 up to present that’s why it is not impossible for an individual not to find the records that he or she wanted to obtain.

There are also other government agencies that are taking care of these reports. They include the Division of Archives and Records Service and the Utah Department of Health. The cost to possess each copy of the record would be $16.00. To get started you are required to present a valid identification and a legitimate reason for requesting such records. The search could take days or weeks before the results are delivered. If the need is urgent then this manual retrieval of records won’t be an ideal method at all.


Utah Marriage Records

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The good news is that these marital documents can now be acquired in just a few clicks with the aid of modern technology. This is where the Internet comes in, making the job a lot easier to execute because you no longer have to comply with the requirements and wait in line at the office for your request. With this recent technological development, the search can be performed at home anytime. It can actually be done anywhere because you only have to get an Internet access to be able to avail the service of a particular records resource.

Utah Department of Health guidelines in requesting the marriage records:

  • Obtain a copy of the marriage request form and fill it out completely
  • Prepare a government-issued ID just to show that you are a legitimate citizen in Utah
  • Pay an amount of $16.00 each copy through check or money order
  • Submit all the requirements to the Office of Vital Records and Statistics

Authorized locations that hold the legal information are: