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Utah Divorce Records

A person requiring divorce information in Utah can get the report in several ways. The first would be to visit the Vital Records Office, which maintains an abstract, or index of divorce records from 1978 up to the present. For those requiring records prior to the said date, they can approach the District Court of the County or the Division of Archives and Record Services. Cost for the records differs depending on where one would get the said reports.

Normally, persons requiring this information should state their purpose as well as pass the eligibility criteria that the State imposes as divorce records are restricted files. The Office would require the requester to present a valid ID with photo before the request is processed.


Utah Divorce Records

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Another option that is open for those individuals who like to obtain these records is to check online search sites that offer public search services. Some offer free trial of the service which one can subscribe to and get discounts in the process and this maybe ideal for those who do bulk searching.

How To Obtain Utah Divorce Records
For those who wish to get an abstract copy of divorce records, follow the steps provided below.

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