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Utah Criminal Records

Like most US states, the State of Utah restricts access to criminal reports to the local criminal agencies and authorized employers but allows requesters to get hold of their own individual criminal history reports. Request for the records costs about $10 and is payable via certified check, money order or credit card for walk-in persons.

The State of Utah makes access to background checks easy by allowing requesters several ways to access the records. One can either visit the Bureau of Crime Investigation Office (BCI) and make an in-person request or make a mail request by downloading the general request form from the Office website and mail in the complete application together with payment to the BCI Office.


Utah Criminal Records


In case one is not an authorized individual or a local law enforcement agency but needs another person’s criminal history nonetheless, one can check out commercial search sites in the internet. Some do offer free basic searches and a minimal fee for a complete report. Others do offer bulk discount for those who do bulk searches, which is advantageous for those who need to do background checks frequently.

How To Request For Utah Background Checks/Criminal Records

  • To start an in-person request from the State of Utah, follow the guideline below.
  • Visit the Utah Public Safety Office.
  • Request for an application form to fill up.
  • Pay the fee of $15 in cashier check, money order, cash or credit card.
  • Present a valid ID with photo.
  • Wait for the request to be processed.

To make a mail request background check, follow the guideline below:

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