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Texas Marriage Records

Marriage is said to be one of the most pivotal experiences in a person’s life. Proof of this life-long commitment is the marriage certificate. In the Lone Star State, marriage records that are not confidential can be accessed by any member of the state who wishes to procure a copy of such. Entreaties for these documents require a processing fee of $20. For a marriage record appeal to be processed, you must secure an application form first. This can be obtained from the Circuit Clerk’s Office or from their online portal.

Texas marriage archives are unprotected court records. Henceforth, the Bureau of Vital Records, Department of Health cannot issue a certified copy of a marriage certificate. What the office only does is to provide index searches and verification letters. Acquiring records can be done through requesting access to such documents from the County Clerk’s Office where the marriage license was issued. Records of marriages in the state can also be retrieved from the Texas Government’s website. To process marriage record requests, a handling time of 10 to 15 business days is requisite.


Texas Marriage Records

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Today, Internet is the trend. With the impact of technological advancements in this contemporary time, procuring records can now be done over the computer thereby making transactions easier and more practical. All you have to do is hire the services of online record providers and expect that the results of your record search will be delivered to you in no time. Undeniably, this manner of doing such transactions is far more preferable compared to how things were done back in the old times.

When appealing for a copy of a marriage record in Texas, the following are the outlined steps which you can follow:

  • Get an application for a marriage verification letter then fill it out with all the necessary details asked.
  • Provide the complete names of the groom and bride, the date and county where they tied the knot, and the county where they got the license.
  • As the requester, provide your personal details as well. These include your full name, address, and your phone number where you can be reached at.
  • Please specify your relationship to the subjects and the reason for such request.
  • Indicate how many copies you want to get and prepare a fee of $20 for each copy. Such fee applies for the search itself, thus it is non-refundable.

Once everything is ready, then you’re good to go. You can now send your order along with the corresponding fee to the Records Bureau, Texas Department of Health and wait for a week or two for the results of the record search.

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