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Texas Divorce Records

Texas divorce records are available in the public domain and as such, one can request for the records. The Clerk Office of the county and the district clerk keep the records where the divorce decree was granted. For those who are unfamiliar with the exact county location, they can visit or make a request from the State’s Department of Health Service Vital Record. The Bureau of Statistics has a compilation of divorce indexes from 1968-2010 from its counties and clerk offices that one can purchase for $6.60/year (on CD-ROM) and $10 for the 1st year and $5 for each succeeding year up to 2009 (on Microfiche). Verification letters from the State cost $20 per verification and can be paid through credit card. Processing time varies depending on whether you do it online, offline or through expedited mail.

Certified public divorce records are normally available from the county clerk or the district clerk’s office. To be able to obtain the records, one must fill up several forms and the reason for the request. Third party request(s) can be accommodated; however, one would only be able to access some information. Other information, which is confidential in nature, will only be included for those who are requesting for their own divorce certificate. In person requests can be accommodated and records will be given the same day or the next day. However, standard mail requests will take about six to eight weeks and expedited ones will be sent after 3 business weeks.


Texas Divorce Records

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For those who require basic information and do not need certified copies, they can avail of the online services offered by the State. Another way to do so is to check out online public search providers who offer public divorce search free or for a nominal fee. One can easily obtain the records without having to take weeks for the records from the State to arrive.

How To Obtain Texas Divorce Records
The State of Texas makes the process of retrieving divorce information easy by offering several ways for its residents or researchers to obtain copies of vital records. Vital records include birth, death, marriage and divorce and these records are available from the Department of Health Vital Records and from the Counties and Districts.

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