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Tennessee Public Records

All the Tennessee public records are under the custody of the Records Management Division of the Department of General Services. They are being protected by law as provided by the Tennessee Open Records Act. The State maintains that these legal reports are for the consumption of the general public and the different entities that have legitimate intentions in accessing such government files. The office of Open Records Counsel has been authorized as well by the recognized officials to have their own records system and assist the residents in the quest of searching for public information.

Some of the known county offices which offer records retrieval services include the Obion County Clerk, Davidson Vital Records, Robertson County Clerk and the Rutherford Vital Records. It is more likely that the requesting party will be required to present some valid identification in order to proceed with the records application. Otherwise, the office will not accept the request. Some records are not for viewing though when they are labelled as highly classified like when they are currently used in an on-going criminal investigation. So, you have to ask before you begin the process of collecting the valuable records data.


Tennessee Public Records


The Tennessee Coalition for Open Government has been tasked to make sure that the law on these records is being exercised and that the people are able to do the request on such files unless when a particular document is prohibited by court to be viewed by anyone. The entire procedure is quite lengthy as expected. However, with the advancement of modern technology these days, the said public files can be obtained at your fingertips. In other words, you can access an online records database on the web, order the information and acquire the results in no time. The payment you make is absolutely worth the data that you get.

The Tennessee Office of Open Records Counsel offers the following services:

  • Law on public records
  • Forms, policies ad guidelines
  • Public reports
  • Advisory committee on open government

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