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Tennessee Marriage Records

The Tennessee Department of Health and Vital records agency is tasked to collect all the vital records of the people including that of marriage records. This particular office gathers all the reports for the past 50 years. Those who would want to obtain such files must go through the right government protocol. Procedures must be observed and the required payment of $15.00 for each copy should be paid. Those who want to get more copies will be required to pay another $5.00 for each as a policy imposed by the State officials.

When the records have reached to over 50 years then they are bound to be stored at the Tennessee Library and Archives. People can visit the place and request for the retrieval of such records. The respective counties have their own databases as well on these files in order for them not to travel that long all the way to the State’s main records repository. It could take awhile though like 3 to 4 weeks before the reports are retrieved. The residents can as well go to the Probate Court office to transact business relating to the marital documents. You must expect payment for ordering a copy of the said records from the mentioned office.


Tennessee Marriage Records

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The Tennessee Department of Health assists you in many ways:

  • How to correct a marriage record
  • How to obtain a marriage records certificate
  • Assists in genealogical research
  • Provides printable applications
  • Orders certificates via web

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