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Tennessee Divorce Records

Early divorce records in the State of Tennessee that took place after 1834 are available from the Circuit County Clerk Office and the Chancery Court. Records that start from 1963 up to the present are now made available through the State’s Vital Records Office. Cost for the records starts at $15 each and additional fee may apply as well. Payments can be made through certified check, money order and credit card.

To obtain divorce records, one would normally have to go to the Vital Records Office although one would only be able to obtain basic details about the divorce as the State limits access to full records for those who are eligible under the law. 50 years old and older records are normally available at the Tennessee Library and Archives as well as the County Court where the divorce was granted. The records of the last 50 years though are available from the Vital Records division.


Tennessee Divorce Records

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For parties requesting these records, another option made available to them is through ordering the records online. They can request the information from the government office or opt to avail of the services of a third party service provider if they want a speedier processing time. This is the best and most convenient way to obtain the records without waiting for weeks, which is what one would normally expect from government offices due to the request volume that they receive every day.

How To Obtain Tennessee Divorce Certificates
Before visiting or requesting from the Vital Records Office, it is important that one determine his or her eligibility. The requesting party must be one of the two parties named in the divorce and if not, should be considered as a legal representative. To request records from the Vital Records Office, follow the instructions provided below:

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