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Tennessee Criminal Records

Are you interested in getting a copy of your criminal record or reviewing a person’s record? Requesters who wish to get one can check out the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, which is the central database for all the criminal records in the State. Records that one can check out include felony arrests and misdemeanour cases. Cost for a record is $29 and is non-refundable even if there are no records found.

To start with, a requester would usually fill up an application form, enclose payment and send their form to the Bureau of Investigation for processing. Do note that the search is based on a “name based” check only and might not be accurate as the search is based on the information provided by the requester.

Another option open to those who would like to get a copy of the criminal records is to avail of the services of a commercial third party search provider to look for the reports they need. This is convenient as some providers do offer basic searches for free so one can check the reports first before ordering them unlike the services from the state where the fee is non-refundable.


Tennessee Criminal Records


How To Request For Tennessee Background Checks/Criminal Records
To make a mail request from the Bureau of Investigation, follow the instructions provided below:

To get arrest reports and other documents, follow the guide below.

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