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South Dakota Divorce Records

Divorce records in the State of South Dakota are restricted and only those with direct and tangible interests are authorized to obtain copies of the said vital records documents. Authorized individuals include those whose name(s) appear in the divorce, their children, siblings, and those they have been authorized to represent them. These records are available for informational or certified copies and the cost varies.

To request for the certificate, it is important that the requester include a copy of their identification with photo such as driver’s license or passport. Utilities or bank statements are allowed if the requester presents two types of this identification.


South Dakota Divorce Records

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Another way that one would be able to get hold of these reports is to check the internet. As the internet is one of the information gateways, it is now possible to find a search site where records such as vital or public records are available to the public. There are also other search providers that provide comprehensive reports of vital events for a fee or for free.

How To Obtain South Dakota Divorce Records
Those who wish to obtain copies of divorce records from the Vital Records Office, follow the instructions given for faster processing of your request.

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