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South Carolina Public Records

The Freedom of Information Act makes way for the South Carolina public records to be unfolded to people these days. The South Carolina Department of Archives and History is the place to go to when looking for vital records like marriage, divorce, death and birth. On another note, the State’s Court Districts or the South Carolina State Courthouse are responsible for the documentation of criminal and court records. The public must not hesitate to place a records request for such records are meant to be delivered to the residents when properly ordered.

To get the lookup started, one needs to know what type of record he or she wants to pull-up. Then, find the right records agency where you can ask what the requirements are and the steps in undertaking the application. Fill-out the standard request form completely and submit with the service charge to the designated department. Today, the different counties under South Carolina have been doing their part too in maintaining the relevant legal files of the people. They can directly cater any requests from the residents living within their area.

Over the years, the traditional way of obtaining the files took awhile before the modern approach comes in today. The major difference today is the Internet where the professionals have materialized the storing of public documents into an online repository and downloading whenever needed. This is done not only by the government but by a private online records solution as well. This means that anyone can perform the search on their own now without any assistance from a government employee. You only have to pay for the service fee and get the information which you have been looking for in just a few clicks at home.


South Carolina Public Records


The South Carolina Department of Archives and History highlights services on:

  • Archives and History
  • Research and Genealogy works
  • Historic Preservation
  • Records Management

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