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South Carolina Marriage Records

There is no better way to protect yourself from being deceived by anyone than to look into South Carolina Marriage Records. This piece of document contains a great deal of information that exposes the present marital state of your partner, as well as the person’s spouse, name of parents, date and location of the wedding and more. The names of the solemnizing officer and witnesses are likewise contained in this account.

In South Carolina, marriage documents dated way back 1950 to the present are obtainable at the State Division of Vital Records. Files recorded before 1950 can be requested from the Probate Judge care of the County Courthouse in the county where the marriage was held. As per the jurisdiction of the State, only the wedded couple, their adult children, present or former spouse or their legal representative are entitled to access this information.


South Carolina Marriage Records

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A statement confirming the occurrence of marriage and the date and county that issued the marriage license are the only details that other applicants can acquire. Eligible individuals are required to provide the full names of the subject/s, time and place of nuptial, relation to the person, purpose for gathering the data, as well as contact details like a phone number, mailing address and signature.

The Vital Records office charges $12 for each file copy ordered and an additional $3 for every extra copy you asked for. Payments must be sent to the Department of Health and Environmental Control by check, money order or personal checks. A same-day service is guaranteed for applications submitted in person. However, for orders made by mail or phone, you may have to allot several days before search results are provided.

Over the past several years, the Magnolia State has welcomed the era of computerization and the Internet with a bang! Completely computerizing all of its vital documents, including those of marriage, has become a common practice at governmental agencies. This new method has caused the entire searching process to speed-up like never before. What used to be a very lengthy procedure can now be completed in a matter of minutes only.

Loads of private records providers also thrive online to generate . These commercial service providers are divided into two versions: free of charge and fee-based. A well-trusted and competent search site, though, is that which asks for a minimal cost. The paid type of service ensures to resolve your concerns in an instant by producing results made with 100% reliability and accuracy.

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