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South Carolina Divorce Records

For those who are interested in obtaining divorce records in South Carolina, they can visit the South Carolina Department of Health and Environment Control as well as the clerk’s office where the divorce was granted. Each record obtained from the Office costs $12 and is payable via money order and check. On the other hand, decrees obtained from the County Clerk’s Office varies in cost from different counties. Processing time depends on the volume of requests that the Office receives.

The traditional way of obtaining records starts from filling in the request form and sending the form to the Health Vital Records office. Do note that the Office only has copies of divorce starting from 1962 and 2008. As such, requestors still need to visit the county Clerk for older copies. Not everyone is eligible to obtain somebody else’s record especially certified copies. Parties named in the divorce, legal representatives as well as the adult children are the ones that are allowed by the law to obtain certified copies. Abstract copies or indexes are available for third party requestors who wish to obtain such records.


South Carolina Divorce Records

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Luckily, though, one can access divorce decrees or other public records from commercial or third party search providers. This can be beneficial especially for those who require the records to determine if the person that they are marrying is truly divorced and other information they would need to know.