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South Carolina Criminal Records

The South Carolina Law Division (SLED) maintains a central repository where criminal records and documents are accessible by the public. The records provide a comprehensive view of the criminal events that happened in the State. Those who wish to obtain a copy can do an online request or mail request with each record search costing $25. Payments accepted include money order or certified checks.

Those who require certified copies of the record are recommended to mail their request instead of opting to use the internet, as it is not available from the online database. The SLED performs name-based search as fingerprint searches, though reliable, are not available through online means.


South Carolina Criminal Records


Another option that is also recommended is to look for public record search sites that offer such services. These third party search providers can conveniently access the records and send the result to the requester and since they are more affordable, it is the best possible option especially for those individuals who require bulk background searches such as the law enforcing entities.

How To Request For South Carolina Background Checks/Criminal Records
To request for criminal background check for certificate or notarization purposes, it is best to make a mail request instead of online request. Follow the steps below for faster access.

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