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Rhode Island Public Records

The Secretary of State is the chief accountable for the update and release of Rhode Island public records to its citizens. The said office has a specific branch which solely focuses on these legal reports. The department is called the Rhode Island State Archives which does its job in accordance to the provisions stated from the existing Access to Public Records Act. They see to it that the rules are implemented and the requests from the people are accommodated. You can also visit the other legal offices within the state including the county courthouses, legal court, family court, State Records Center and the other government agencies.

The State has also encouraged its residents to make use of the active websites on public documents to make the search even simpler. The steps on how to procure a copy of a certain record would depend on the agency which manages it. The cost for each request also varies based on the guidelines implemented by the respective counties. Take note though that not all government records will be revealed to individuals because some remain to be classified and confidential to maintain some security measures.

Rhode Island Public Records

The turn-around time upon the submission of the request is not that fast when placing an order at a government records office. It could take days and even weeks before you get to see the results. The good news today is that these public files are within reach in a few clicks on your computer. Just find a reliable online resource with a user-friendly webpage to be able to generate the data that you need. It is a paid records solution but definitely valuable for any legal uses.

The Secretary of State holds various information comprising:

  • News and Events
  • Business Services
  • State Archives
  • State Library
  • Shows the other public information resources

Public records are also obtainable through the following archives: