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Rhode Island Marriage Records

In Rhode Island the requesting party must secure a copy of the certified marriage record form in person from a designated government agency or print it out from the official website of the State. Rhode Island marriage records are documented for a lot of reasons. Both the government and the public can benefit from these legal resources. Generally, they are used as a legitimate reference in conducting a background check about someone. The Rhode Island Department of Health, specifically the department of Vital Records has been tasked to oversee such reports and distribute them to people with valid intention.

The cost for requesting a copy of the said document depends on how much does each county require for the requesting party to pay. However, if you are to order it from the State’s central records database you will be asked to pay an amount of $15.00 for each copy. Additional copies will be paid for at a given amount. It is vital that you have all the legal qualifications when trying to pull up these legal papers. Otherwise, the request will not be entertained nor accommodated. A government-issued ID will be necessary as a proof that you are a legitimate citizen within the State.


Rhode Island Marriage Records

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So, both the State and the respective counties are now taking care of these records. More so, both levels have incorporated the use of technology where information can be retrieved online to make is easier for the general public to perform the search. More importantly today, these legal papers can now be obtained in a split of minutes because the request can be done via Internet. A credible and reliable online resource guarantees 100% accuracy of the information delivered for whatever uses.

The Rhode Island Department of Health does the following services:

  • Correct the existing vital records like marriage
  • Update records following legal name changes
  • Provide aggregate data to the requesting party

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