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Rhode Island Criminal Records

Unlike other US States, Rhode Island criminal records are available from the Rhode Island Judiciary, which maintains a database of all criminal reports, documents and records from courts and law enforcement agencies in the State. Background checks or criminal records are also available for those who wish to get hold of such reports from the Court although one is restricted to name-based search only. The State restricts full access to criminal reports to authorized entities and law enforcement agencies.

To conduct a criminal check or access adult criminal records, requesters should visit the Judiciary website and conduct a search of the offender of which they want to obtain records. Do note that the records or information available are for informational purposes only and should not be used as a legal document or for any other purposes.


Rhode Island Criminal Records


Another way to acquire reports or records is to check out one of the third party search providers online who offer criminal background check services. Some offer a free trial, basic or free basic searches while others offer a comprehensive and complete report for a minimal fee.

How To Request For Rhode Island Background Checks/Criminal Records
To start your record search via online means, follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the State of Rhode Island Judiciary website
  • A list of option is made available for the requester.
  • Choose whether to search by defendant or business name or search via case number.
  • Print the report once you are satisfied with the result.

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