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A big part of our public system is the records. It’s a formalized ideological pillar upholding our government’s accountability to the public by the Freedom of Information Act, 1966. There’s a long list of record categories from obituaries, adoption and police to jail records and so forth but the principal vital records are conventionally made up of Divorce, Marriage, Death and Birth. Some of them have been around a hundred years before their legislation.

Divorce records are arguably the most sensitive of the vital records. Although they are technically public information, some of the content can be rather sensitive and private in nature. Some states do take that into consideration and place certain degree of restriction and control on their retrieval but by and large, morals and ethics are relied upon as to their fair and proper use and treatment.


Public Divorce Records

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We can learn a great deal about people from their divorce records. For example, their personal particulars and those of whom they’ve ever been married, and divorced, and the children if any will be shown. Filing number, settlement, date, place and reason for divorce and other details will also be published. If there were multiple divorces, they will all show up as long as all the states in which they occurred are covered by the search.

Actually Free Divorce Records are available from the state department practically free of charge. Most states do impose nominal charges as search fees and anyone can access anybody’s record file as long as the required procedures are followed. Commercial record providers are a good alternative the government resource and in some ways superior to them but the records are fee-based so financial expenditure will be incurred.

It’s easy and convenient these days to conduct public divorce record search and people perform them for a variety of reasons. Some of the common ones are employment background verification, support legal proceedings, Genealogy research and applying for a license to remarry but the mother of all reasons for divorce record has to be checking out the marital history of a prospective spouse or partner.

Computerization and internet have greatly facilitated the search and retrieval of Free Public Divorce Records. It’s a far cry from those days of physical travel to the particular county where the divorce was granted. There was no central state index for reference then if the issuing office was not known and the search could get really disarrayed. Nowadays, with a few clicks of the mouse, people can get their records within minutes without even having to get out of their house.