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Pennsylvania Public Records

The Right-To-Know Law in Pennsylvania has permitted thousands of people to place a request on Pennsylvania public records. However, not all records are bound to be divulged to public because the court would forbid them to be unveiled for some technical reasons. Some of these reasons include those records that might lead to losing state funds, security reasons of the records owner, those that are considered as classified, trade secrets and propriety records and the medical records. Whether you like this rule or not you need to obey the law, otherwise you will face a corresponding sanction.

The public documents are not only archived in the main state’s records office but are also updated and maintained locally so that the residents will no longer have to travel that far. Interestingly, the State has formed websites in order to make the searches doable over the Internet. You can check out their online repositories including Cit Media Law and the Public Records sources. To familiarize yourself with all the government agencies within the State, the said websites contain a list of the various Pennsylvania agencies. Moreover, the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records has been tasked to cater all requests pertaining to public information. They will be the one to direct you to the right department or office where you should be going to get started with the search.

Pennsylvania Public Records

The traditional processing time usually takes up to 3 to 4 weeks because the steps will have to be done by hands. But nowadays, the Internet has what it takes for the public records to be pulled out in incredibly no time. With this shift from offline to online records retrieval, the typical lengthy time of doing the request is cut-short since it no longer requires you to follow the standard procedure of the government. On this note, anyone can perform the search at home so long as there is Internet access. It is definitely convenient a process and a credible source for information that anyone can use for whatever purposes.

The Pennsylvania Office of Open Records contains the following information:

  • Explains the Right-To-Know Law
  • Citizen’s Guide
  • How To File an Appeal
  • Judicial Decisions
  • Appeals Process
  • Hearing and Mediation
  • Agency Guides and Advisories

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