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Pennsylvania Divorce Records

Residents of South Carolina or those who got divorced in South Carolina would find requesting for a copy of their divorce certificate easier as the State makes it possible for them to get one either from the Vital Statistics Office or directly from the Clerk Court Office. Records from the Vital Office cost about $12 and are payable via money order or check.

Although divorce records are available from the Vital Records Office, the Office maintains records starting from 1962 only and thus older records are still available from the Court Office only. This can be inconvenient for those who would need records prior to the said date, as one has to check where the records were filed as well as the fee and request process for the records.

Pennsylvania Divorce Records

With that said, another option available for those who wish to get a copy of the divorce is to visit one of the search sites in the internet today. With advancement in technology, one can readily get hold of records without having to wait for longer processing period that accompanies manual request searches.

How To Obtain South Carolina Divorce Records
To request for divorce copies from the Vital Records Office, follow the steps below:

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