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Pennsylvania Criminal Records

There are two (2) ways that a person can make a criminal record search in the State of Pennsylvania. One way is to do an online search via the “PATCH” system and the other one is to download the SP4-164 form and submit the request to the Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository. Cost for the record search is $10 and payable via money order or certified check. Credit cards are accepted if one uses the online PATCH system.

To make use of the PATCH system, the requester should fill up the necessary details to get accurate results, as each request is billed $10 even if the requester fails to get hold of the correct criminal records. Mail in requests on the other hand would take days before the requester would get hold of the reports.


Pennsylvania Criminal Records


Those who need the reports or documents urgently can consider another alternative, that is, they can opt instead to check out one of the online search providers that provides services such as public record searches. The services are available in the internet, which is quite convenient as one can access the information gateway whenever and wherever they are.
How To Request For Pennsylvania Background Checks/Criminal Records
To make a manual request of the records or reports, follow the guideline below.

On the other hand, those who would like to get hold of arrest records in the State, follow the guidelines below.

Where to Access Other Pennsylvania Criminal Records