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Oregon Public Records

he Secretary of State is designated to be the person in-charge of all the public records being kept within Oregon. The office makes certain that the Oregon Public Records Law is implemented and benefited by the general public. The Oregon public records are made accessible to people with the aim to let the citizens know about everything concerning the government. Its objective is to somehow become transparent to people on how the government is being administered. Today, the State does not only cater the records requests manually but also turned to computers for the records databases.

Public records are hugely composed of several legal documents which include the sex offender registrations, land records and deeds, unclaimed property, criminal reports and several more files that have something to do with the citizens within the State. The Oregon Department of Justice on the other hand is the office where you can make a petition when your request to access such records has been denied. It can be done by approaching the Attorney General and have your application be reviewed again for reconsideration purposes.

Oregon Public Records

The various counties under Oregon are also doing their job to bring the documents closer to the public. Procedures and rates when placing an order definitely vary as per guidelines imposed by each state. Today, the entire process has been trimmed down significantly in just a few minutes since the birth of the computers and the Internet. Experts have found a way to upload these public records into an online repository and make it possible for the people to retrieve it anytime. More so, an online records solution is available on the net for the residents to directly order the records from. It is quick and hassle-free because the search can be done at the comfort of one’s home.

The Oregon Department of Justice serves the people by:

  • Reporting any forms of crime
  • Informing all the programs for the benefit of the general public
  • Provide the legal resources
  • Shows off all government publications and forms

The State also coordinates with the other records resources including: