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Oregon Criminal Records

For those who are looking to have a criminal background check done in the State of Oregon, do note that the Oregon State Police maintains a central database where one can do a background check. Although one cannot access another person’s criminal records unless they are authorized agencies or law enforcement agencies, one can get a copy of their own criminal records for a $10 fee payable via certified check or money order.

To request a background check done, visit the Vital Records Office and download a request form. Enclose the completed form as well as payment of $10 and mail the form to the Department of Human Services. Arrest records, on the other hand, are available from the Department of Corrections.


Oregon Criminal Records


For those who wish to get the records faster, another option open for them is to avail of the services of commercial search providers who offer public records search. They can provide basic free searches or a comprehensive one for a nominal fee. With background checks from the Vital Records Office taking 7 to 10 processing days, internet search providers can take only an hour or a day to process the records which is definitely convenient and hassle-free.

How To Request For Oregon Background Checks/Criminal Records
For those who wish to get their background check from the Vital Records Office, follow the instructions below:

For those who wish to get a copy of arrest records, follow the guideline below:

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