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Oklahoma Criminal Records

The State of Oklahoma is an open-state record state; as such, one can request for criminal records from the government. Criminal records or background checks are made available from the State’s Bureau of Investigation. Cost for a name-based search is $15 whereas a fingerprint-based one costs $19. All requests are payable via money order, certified check or credit card.

To request for the criminal records, one should complete the required form and mail it together with the search fee to the OSBI. Almost all records are available and only those restricted from the public are available to authorized entities and government agencies. Do take note that processing time varies especially for those who need fingerprint searches, as one has to avail of the services of fingerprint agencies in the local vicinity for their requests to be processed by the Office.


Oklahoma Criminal Records


For those who need the records or do not need to access complete record, another option that they have is to avail of the services of third party search providers, which are available online. These providers can process the transaction faster than government agencies and some do offer bulk search services, which makes it more affordable especially for the citizens who need to verify information on random people.

How To Request For Background Checks/Criminal Records
Those who want to access criminal records using the States’ criminal database or would want to get a copy of their own background check, please follow the steps provided below.

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