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Ohio Public Records

Public archives can be a fortune for people doing background checks and genealogy researches as these documents are very informative. Ohio Public Records and Open Meetings laws (collectively known as Sunshine Laws) state that documents generated and kept by public offices including the state’s government agencies are accessible to the public. Hence, any member of the state in need can get a copy of the state’s public documents for whatever legal purposes. In doing so, an application form must be completed first for the entreaty to be processed.

In Ohio, public records are housed in the Office of the Attorney General. Other records may be accessed from other state agencies as well. Marriage and divorce decrees, for instance, can be obtained from the County Clerks Offices. Birth and death records may also be obtained from the Department of Health. Requesting access to public records may be done through mail or in person. The usual turnaround time for public record requests in the state takes about days to weeks due to the nature of the method itself.

Ohio Public Records

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Ohio public records are available at the following agencies:

  • Vital Records Office
  • Office of the Attorney General
  • Circuit Courts and Clerks Offices
  • Office of Criminal Justice Services
  • Probate Courts

How to obtain Ohio public records manually?

  • Print the Application for Certified Copies form. For other public records, the request form can be obtained directly from the Attorney General’s Office.
  • Complete the form with all the necessary details required.
  • Send the completed form along with the corresponding search payment for each record requested to the Office of the Attorney General or to the Vital Records Office.

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