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Ohio Marriage Records

A marriage record can be a gold mine for someone trying to delve deeper into his or somebody else’s family roots or even genogram. It can also be used to scrutinize the marital status of a certain individual. A record of marriage brings light to significant information about the subjects making such type of document very valuable when it comes to genealogy research and background checks. In Ohio, obtaining such record is subject to fees. To get a copy of this certificate, a processing fee of $21.50 is required. If you want to search for any name, you can pay $3 per 10 year search. Requests are made by submitting a completed form to the County Clerk’s Office.

If you are planning to obtain a marriage record in Ohio, searching for it from the Office of Vital Statistics may not really help. The Records Bureau in the Department of Health, unfortunately, is not the agency tapped by the government for the issuance of records such as that of a marriage certificate. What this office only offers is to provide individuals seeking for marriage records with index searches of marriages that transpired from 1950 to present. Marriage certificate requests should be directed at the County Clerk’s Office specifically in the county where the marriage license was issued. The estimated time for such entreaty to be handled takes roughly 3 to 6 weeks.


Ohio Marriage Records

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Manual retrieval can be done through mail or in person. If you wish to place your order through mail, expect that the processing time will take longer due to the nature of the method. Doing it in person, on the other hand, means you have to take time off work or perhaps leave school just to stand in line at the office. Doing it the manual way may be a pie in the sky for you. Hence, Internet record solutions exist to help you with this quandary. For a more convenient way to get expedited results, you can try pulling the record search online and expect that the record requested will be delivered to you right away without deferral.

Below is the list of the outlined steps which you can follow if you opt to procure the record through mail or walk-in method:

  • Secure an Application for Certified Copies form from the Vital Records Office, Department of Health.
  • Provide the complete names of the subjects, the date and county of their wedding, and the county where the marriage license was issued.
  • Input your personal details as well being the applicant. Include your complete name, mailing address, and your contact number.
  • Indicate your relationship to the subjects and the reason of your request.
  • Send the completed form to either the Department of Health (for index searches) or to the County Clerk’s Office (for certified copies) along with the corresponding fee.

County searches can be done through Ohio Probate Courts.

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