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Ohio Criminal Records

For those who are interested in obtaining a copy of criminal records in the State of Ohio, they may find it difficult, as these records are only available to the general public and law enforcement agencies. However, personal background checks are allowed. Criminal records pertaining to background checks can be examined at the State of Ohio Office of the Attorney General and cost about $8 when one makes a request for this. The records are available from the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation or BCI unit. Processing depends on when the Office receives the request form.

The traditional way of accessing one’s personal background or criminal records is to visit and download the background form from the Office of the Attorney General. Then mail the form to the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation unit. Arrest records on the other hand are available from the State’s Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.


Ohio Criminal Records


To make searching easier, those who want to obtain a person’s criminal history or another person’s background information can choose to avail of the services of online third party individuals or search providers who provide the service in one platform. As such requestors can find the records they want without having to go from one site to another.

How To Request For Ohio Background Checks/Criminal Records
One can conveniently access their personal criminal history in the State of Ohio. Please look at the following steps outlined for your convenience.

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