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North Dakota Marriage Records

The main records database for North Dakota marriage records is the State’s Department of Health and Vital Records office. Aside from marriage, the said agency also collects and updates reports on divorce, death and birth. The State’s Historical Society was formed in order to specifically take care on the marital records of the people. With such office, marital files even before 1925 were collected and can be unveiled these days for whatever uses. The different counties as well have been ordered by the State officials to also document such files for the public to see in the future.

If you are to look for a marriage license document then you will have to approach the clerk of court in the county where it was issued. So, the State and the counties under it have closely collated their records, archive them and put them in places where the residents can easily obtain. That’s why today the marital reports are no longer just available in North Dakota central records office but all over the counties under the State. The rate for requesting a copy of a marriage certificate should not go beyond $10.00 per copy. But, the cost of it could vary depending on how much does each State would require.


North Dakota Marriage Records

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Today, North Dakota has also taken advantage of the technological advancement where these records can be stored into a computer database and search them from there. Aside from the government, other private companies have also made these records services available to millions of people online. However, one should find a reliable site because some exist just to rip people off. A trusted site must offer a guaranteed service with results that can be used for whatever circumstances. The cost in exchange for the records should be totally worth everything that you put in just to acquire the said legal reports.

The North Dakota Department of Health and Vital Records office offers the said services:

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