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North Dakota Divorce Records

The State of North Dakota Vital Records Office used to maintain divorce records up until 2008. Today, however, all divorce record requests are no longer accepted by the Office and are now directed to the county court where the divorce was granted. Divorce fees and processes differ from one county to another.

Those who like to get hold of divorce certificates from the State should contact the county recorder for the process of the request. Before the request is processed, the State or Office requires one to produce a proper identification ID as well as state the purpose of their request.


North Dakota Divorce Records

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Requesters who wish to get a copy for informational purposes but are not aware of the county where the divorce was granted could check out one of the online search providers in the internet today to help them get the records that they need. This is the one of fastest and hassle free ways to get the records that one wants without having to visit physically the county for the records request.

How To Obtain Divorce Records

To make a divorce request from the State of North Dakota, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the North Dakota Department of Health Vital Records
  • Click on the list that contains the County Recorder Office where the divorce was granted.
  • Contact the Office and request for information pertaining to your record request.
  • Present your Identification with photo in case you would be submitting your request in-person.
  • Make a clear copy of requester identification with photo if mailing in the request.

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