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North Dakota Criminal Records

Access to criminal records in the State of North Dakota is restricted and as such, requesters may only be able to obtain certain records such as those with convictions, cases with dismissed charges and cases that involve jail time. The State however allows the public to access his or her own individual records for a fee of $15 and accepted payment methods include money order or certified check.

The State differentiates between background checks and criminal history record checks in that background checks can be conducted by an individual whereas criminal record checks are only for those authorized entities and law enforcement agencies.


North Dakota Criminal Records


For those who might be interested in getting hold of their records and would not want to wait for a longer processing period, they may wish to engage the services of third party vendors that offer public searches free or for a nominal fee for a comprehensive report.

How To Request For Background Checks/Criminal Records
For those who wish to order a background check from the Criminal Records Section, follow the steps provided below:

Those who are interested in accessing arrest records in North Dakota can follow the steps given below:

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