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North Carolina Public Records

North Carolina public records are huge documents being compiled by the state to further its responsibilities and services to the general public. In fact, they have formed the Government Records Branch of North Carolina to assist the residents in dealing with the different types of public documents. They receive all requests and redirect the applicants to the right government agency where the application should be addressed. This particular office simply serves as the facilitator in the process of obtaining the said government resources.

These documents include the labor statistics, law and codes, court records, criminal records, vital records, adoption files, property documents and many other reports which the government has been updating. The other credible resources for public files are the North Carolina State Archives and the North Carolina Office Archives and History. The state has also created the Department of Health and Human Services which caters all the services pertaining to the vital reports of the people in North Carolina.


North Carolina Public Records


The above offices have their own websites as well where the records are uploaded. The residents can anytime order them so long as the intention is legal. Today, a lot of private online records services have flourished. But, you should trust only the guaranteed records solution for the other are scams and are illegally created to cheat on the online users. With a reliable and reputable records service you will get the information you need in just a few clicks on your computer. It comes with a fee but definitely worth the price that you are going to pay.

The State Archives of North Carolina holds the following information:

  • Digital Records Distribution
  • Laws and Guidelines
  • Records Management and Services Training
  • Imaging and Microfilming
  • State Records Center

Legal resources in North Carolina can be found through the following: