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North Carolina Marriage Records

The North Carolina Vital Records office takes charge in the administration of the North Carolina marriage records since 1962. But, if you are seeking for earlier records you can still search them through the County register of Deeds. This means that the search will have to be performed locally at each county where marriage took place. So, to get it rolling you need to know first where the wedding took place so you can go ahead to begin the process of information gathering.

Keep in mind though that doing the hand search through a government records agency could take twelve weeks or more before you eventually get the records that you requested. People go after these reports for a variety of reasons. The top two reasons are for verification purposes to find out whether or not a person was married and for genealogical research reason where individuals are curious about their ancestral history. The cost for retrieving such record would be $24.00 per copy. You need to fill-out the official records request form and submit to the Health and Human Services Department.


North Carolina Marriage Records

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If you want to cut short the entire procedure then you can certainly do so with the help of the advancement of modern technology. The government has tied up with a reliable online resource so that the people can perform the search via the Internet. This suggests that the residents no longer have to go through the typical steps in acquiring the government-kept reports. This is definitely valuable where you are in a rush of knowing the truth about someone. The service is not only quick but also provides an all-encompassing data on marital documents.

The Department of Health and Human Services shows the steps in obtaining a marriage records copy:

  • Complete the records request form
  • Present a valid government-issued ID for verification purposes
  • Pay the amount of $24.00 for each copy
  • Submit requirements and payment to the State‚Äôs Vital Records unit

Marriage records are also accessible from the following government affiliates: